Almacenes Tropigas

Founded in 1955

Founded by Tropigas Gas Company as Almacenes Tropigas, which began distributing liquefied gas. Realizing the great demand for appliances, the company decides to begin to commercialize these types of goods.

In 1988, Shell International acquired Tropigas and kept it until December 1992, when it sold the household appliances business to the CETECO Dutch group, thus separating it from the liquefied gas company.

Almacenes Tropigas carried out a daring strategy that allowed them to cover a larger share of the market, backed up by La Curacao, positioning itself as second in the electric appliance market.

In October 1996, the original format of Almacenes Tropigas was changed towards the warehouse concept, to appeal to a more popular segment. Since then Almacenes Tropigas started offering competitive prices, easy credit, small installment, and fortnight repayment plans.

In the year 2000, Unicomer Group bought the CETECO group. At that time Almacenes Tropigas had reached a significant penetration in the Central American region, and as part of the new group it continued with its aggressive expansion plan and creating new employment opportunities.

During the early months of 2001, Almacenes Tropigas implemented the door-to-door sales system, starting its operations in El Salvador and rolling out this modality to the rest of the Central American countries in October of the same year.

In 2007, Almacenes Tropigas started operations in Belize. As of 2015, it reaches a total of 130 stores distributed through El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Belize.

As an added value, and like its sister chain La Curacao, TropiCash offers its preferred customers the opportunity to acquire cash loans with affordable installments.


“As an innovation characteristic on 2006, Almacenes Tropigas introduces its new mascot “TROPIKONG”. A strong and charismatic gorilla that is constantly giving customers benefits such as: low prices, hassle free credits, no down payments, and up to 36 months to pay.”

Unicomer Group