Electro Fácil

Logo ElectrofacilFounded in 2008

ElectroFácil, one of Paraguay’s most innovative companies and a leader in the appliance, furniture, electronics, computers, and household articles industries has opened 11 new branches in the past 12 months in order to be closer to its clients.

This demonstrates the commercial strength and financial size of the company. The entire management team at ElectroFácil has had the vision of anticipating the market and providing customers with commercial facilities for all Paraguayans to have access to a better quality of life.

ElectroFácil was born in late 2008, and since that date it has been recognized for its spacious and comfortable showroom located in the heart of Asuncion, offering the market’s best cash prices and the most convenient credit plans, and of course the widest range of products to find everything in one same place.

With the opening of its division MuebleFácil, the product offer was now completed, adding lighting products, bed clothing, batteries, covers, car equipment, motorcycles and everything the family needs to improve their standard of living.

ElectroFácil has been innovative with low installments and up to 16 months payment plans, providing instant credit approval, becoming the industry leader in home appliances sales on credit. This is why our customers choose us! After learning about our excellent service, our staff’s great cordiality and the best after-sales experience, they choose ElectroFácil as their home for appliance shopping.

ElectroFácil has become the company with the lowest prices and the best deals and market promotions. ElectroFácil joined the Unicomer Group family in 2015 with major objectives and determined to continue with its ambitious growth process by planning to enable eight more branches in 2016 where all the staff is local to the area, and giving a social response to every city in which we conduct the opening of a new branch.

As of June 2016, as part of its growth strategy, Unicomer Group acquired full operational control of 20 branches of Centro Motor, a motorcycle store chain that has marketed for many years the Yamazuky brand. Yamazuky motorcycles are distinguished by their innovative design and proven strength attributes that have earned the credibility of the Paraguayan market.

Centro Motor  will become ElectroFácil through image and store visual , exhibiting and selling in addition to motorcycles, all products and services currently offered. This trade agreement makes ElectroFácil one of the companies with greater national presence expanding from 12 to 32 stores; which will allow in the short term a significant business growth.

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