Founded in 1974

Founded in 1974 by entrepreneur Servio Flores Cacho in the city of Alajuela, Costa Rica working with only four employees at the time. The company expanded into other segments with potential populations, based on an aggressive market, easy payment plans and financial consolidation giving way to constant growth. In 1980 six branches were established, and by 1999, 31 branches operated in Costa Rica.

In the year 2000 the brand image changed with the idea of  a new mascot; younger and refreshed. That’s how the current store character ‘Gollo’ was created. By 2004, GOLLO becomes the store chain´s commercial name and key graphic in advertising.

In 2005 a new slogan is launched, “Solo Bueno”, which remains to date.

Today the store chain is comprised with more than 120 stores, more than 700 thousand square feet of sales area, more than 400 thousand customers and 1,600 employees. Service, friendship, and commitment are the values that have made Gollo leader in retailing technology, furniture and home appliances in the Costa Rican market. Values which make Gollo the perfect fit when joining Unicomer Group on September 2012.

Under Unicomer Group, Gollo launches its e-commerce gollotienda.com in February 2014 offering its loyal customers another point of purchase with online chat support, in store pickup and home delivery.

Also, in 2014 Gollo Optical is launched with the purpose to offer its clients lenses and frames for eye and sunglasses with easy payment plans, as well as ocular medical consultations with specialists and advanced technology machinery.

Gollo’s policy has always been lower prices, with the best possible care and exceptional customer service during and after sales.



“Como parte de una estrategia diferenciadora, la cadena desarrolla a GOLLO, un personaje refrescante, joven y carismático. Su éxito llevó a la cadena a nombrarse igual que él”.


Unicomer Group