La Curacao

Founded in 1890

At the end of the XIX Century, La Curacao, was founded under the name of Curacao Commerce and Industry Partnership, in the island of Curacao and dedicated itself to port exploitation.

In 1911, it became Curacao Trading Company, CETECO, and sold household and agricultural products.
In 1945, La Curacao changed its commercial strategy from agricultural inputs to retailing household appliances. The first stores were known as Curacao Trading Company, and soon spread throughout the Central American region.

Upon its consolidation in the year 2000, operations were strengthened in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. In the year 2004, it opened two stores under the name of UNICOMER.

La Curacao expands its services on October 2005 introducing La Curacao Optical in Guatemala. On February 2006, it is introduced in El Salvador and furthermore in Nicaragua on October of the same year, and later Honduras. La Curacao Optical’s purpose is to offer its clients lenses and frames for eye and sunglasses with easy payment plans, as well as ocular medical consultations with specialists and advanced technology machinery.

Always at the forefront of technology, La Curacao opens its e-commerce site in 2003, redesigning it in 2011 for a better customer experience, where it features a wide product range for online purchase. This is for home or in-store delivery in the countries where it operates with the highest security standards.

Additionally it opened a sister store La Curacao Cash, in order to give added value to preferential customers by providing cash loans to be paid in instalments. This concept begins in Guatemala in 2013 and with its success it is now present in Honduras totalling of 15 stores.

As of 2015, the chain branched out to more than 200 stores. La Curacao reaches first place in commercial preference, due to the fact that it offers its customers additional benefits that facilitate the purchase, such as instant credit, free delivery, extended warranties, and maintenance service for all products bought in any of the company’s stores.


“Central Americans identify the company by its logo and colors, besides the famous character “Facilito” (easily), born out of the imagination of an employee whose motto was “I sell it easily, you take it easily, you pay easily.”

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