Founded in 1982

OMNI  was founded in 1982  in the center of the island of Curaçao with the purpose of providing electronic products to tourists. The only brand that OMNI offered at that time was Panasonic because of the close relationship with the founder of Panasonic equipment. After a year the founder decided to expand its product lines to include air conditioners and appliances. OMNI started selling air conditioners made by Daikin and then expanded to offer other brands such as Panasonic, Carrier and finally Samsung. Having a very close and direct relationship with distributors, OMNI established service centers to repair air conditioners, appliances and electronic products. In 1989 the founder of OMNI decided to open a store in St. Maarten, which then expanded and OMNI opened a store in Bonaire in 1998, when the island had a population of only 7,500 inhabitants.

OMNI is a company that has always been on par of technological advances, so it changes its products and categories continuously to meet market demand. Each time one of the brands represented by OMNI bring a new product to market, OMNI also introduces it into its stores.

In 2004 OMNI opened an additional store in the area of ​​Sta. Maria, in 2005 it opened a store specializing in materials for air conditioning installation and the refurbished products. In 2006 it opened a concession store in the airport departure area. In 2012 OMNI moved its flagship store to an industrial area in Zeelandia, and thus expanded its exhibition space with the help of its distributors in order to offer more variety to its customers. In 2012 Panasonic also reported that it had acquired SANYO and was going to specialize in selling products with inverter technology and solar panels. That same year the government of Curaçao decided to pass a law that removed the tax inverter input products and solar panels. So together with its distributors OMNI made sure to offer inverter technology products and solar panels in order to offer energy efficient products to its customers.

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