Message from the CEO

On behalf of Unicomer Group, I would like to tell our story, which is not one, but rather the sum of a series of stories that go back all the way to 1850. This story tells about the fruits reaped along these years thanks to the steadfast effort of our people, which truly reflects the tenacity of our countries and the contribution of all who devise new ways to make the lives of our customers easier.

The mission and vision of our group have been written precisely to achieve our goal, and we believe that the best way to achieve this is with values such as innovation and excellence in service. Hence, we have accomplished what our group has become today: a young company with a long history.

Since the year 2000, we have been leaders in the appliance and furniture markets with our store chain La Curacao in Central America and in 2006 with Courts in the Caribbean, therefore positioning ourselves at the heart and mind of our customers. In 2011 we entered the south american market in Ecuador acquiring the renowned chain Artefacta. As of 2012, we ensured our leadership in Central America when we consolidated operations with the retail giant Gollo in Costa Rica. By 2014, we put a step into the Dutch speaking Caribbean when we acquired the leading retail brands in Aruba, AMC Unicon, Hagemyer, Price Hacker and Home & Nature and in 2015 we consolidated the acquisition of the RadioShack brand for Central America, South America and the Caribbean and the store chain Electro Facil in Paraguay.

We feel very proud of the success of our chains: La Curacao in Central America and the Dominican Republic; Almacenes Tropigas, and Almacenes Loco Luis in Central America; Unicomer in the United States of America; Courts and Lucky Dollar in the Caribbean; Artefacta and Baratodo in Ecuador; Gollo in Costa Rica; Electro Fácil in Paraguay, AMC Unicon, Hagemyer, Price Hacker and Home & Nature in Aruba; and the RadioShack franchise in Central America, South America and the Caribbean; all which offer our customers high quality products at affordable installments, tailored to their payment capacity.

There is no doubt these achievements have only been possible thanks to the contribution of our valuable staff. The effort, loyalty, and dedication of our associates are the pillars that sustain the values of quality and service so deeply rooted in Unicomer Group.

Likewise, the preference of our customers, as well as the support and inducement of our shareholders, suppliers, and all our stakeholders, have enabled us to reach the goals we set for ourselves when we started this journey; a journey that has taken us far, not only geographically, but also with respect to the growth of our operations. We have reached these new places that have become a part of us, loyal to the values we were born with.

Our group is a reference of the trade integration of our people, and a symbol of the development of our countries; consequently, an example of growth and service throughout Central America, the Caribbean, the United States, and South America.

We are eternally grateful to all of those who allowed us to write these words, aware that each one of your names is present in each paragraph.

Mario Simán 

Chairman and CEO | Unicomer Group

Unicomer Group