Message from the General Manager 

Hans Mondria | Aruba

Originally founded in 1955, AMC Unicon specialized in air-conditioning, electrical installations, plumbing and roofing; mainly serving business customers. In 1987, the Dutch multinational Ceteco acquired AMC Unicon. Under the wings of Ceteco, AMC Unicon became a full service retailer, with additional products like in-house financing (hire purchase), extended warranty, hook-up delivery and installation, service & repair.

Unicomer Aruba continues to grow and reinforce its position in Aruba as a leading retailer in Aruba, now commanding top market share in many categories. The company operates 6 stores, with retail brands: AMC Unicon, Hagemyer, Home & Nature and Price Hacker, including a leading business to business center leading large commercial A/C installations across Aruba.

Being part of a large group has enabled us to establish brand and price authority. Large buying power has helped secure a better range and selection for the Aruban consumer.
Also, we’re currently expanding our product and credit offerings, something appreciated by some “30,000” consumers.
The company has always been a respected member of the community contributing to various social projects and entities such as service clubs, organizations for children and the elderly. AMC Unicon was also the first to offer energy efficient inverter technology for residential air conditioning, helping both consumers to lighten their energy bill and at the same time reducing the carbon foot print of Aruba
AMC Unicon has been a house hold name for several generations and is now aiming to become even stronger in the future. With a new distribution center opening in June/July 2015 and some major store refits and brand re launching for the end of 2015 a clear path for the future is being paved.

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  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
  • Language:
  • Stores:
  • Oranjestad
  • 178.91 km2
  • 103,400
  • Aruban Florin (AWG)
  • Dutch, Papiamento
  • |AMC Unicon: 3
  • |Hagemyer: 1
  • |Home & Nature: 1
  • |Price Hacker: 1
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