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Message from the General Manager

Sonia Manglani | Bonaire

Omni was founded in Curaçao in 1982, St. Maarten in 1989 and in Bonaire in 1998, specializing in electronic products such as televisions and sound systems; after a short time it expanded its product categories to include air conditioners, security systems, PBX systems, home appliances, security cameras and solar panels. Since 2005 the company has expanded to include more brands and products in their categories and increase its warehouse and the store numbers on the island of Curaçao.

OMNI’s goal has always been to offer energy efficient products, high quality products and products with warranty coverage from the manufacturer. Omni was one of the first to offer electronic products with high efficiency in energy companies.

Unicomer Curaçao is growing and continues with the goal of being the leading distributor in the islands where it operates in appliances and air conditioning products. With the acquisition of Radio Shack brand in Curaçao, Unicomer Curaçao’s presence is increasing through market share and through the variety of products it offers. Right now we are operating four Omni stores and a Radio Shack store in Curaçao, 1 Omni store in San Martin and 1 Omni store in Bonaire.

Being part of such a large group such as Unicomer, has only resulted in positive results. Right now we have started from the month of May to provide credit to customers of Curaçao, so far we have a portfolio of 300 customers and it is our ambition and goal to grow significantly to more or less 40,000-50,000 customers. The goals and ambitions for the future of Unicomer Curaçao have no limit. There are great possibilities, and we have the confidence that the collaboration between our local team and the regional team can expand our presence in Curaçao, St. Martin and Bonaire, continuing to be one of the best companies and one of the largest in the air conditioning, electro domestic, furniture categories and especially credit offers.

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