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Message from the General Manager

José Luis Rodríguez | Costa Rica

Founded in 1974, our company is celebrating 38 years operating in the Costa Rican market, first as “Gallo más Gallo”, later changed in 2001, as Gollo; positioned as the number one store chain in the Costa Rican market, reaching up to 53% of consumer preference.

Our values: Friendship, commitment and service are the basic pillars within our company culture. Our service philosophy emphasizes continuous improvement in the incorporation of best practices, honest and responsible work, and the permanent search for excellence in business processes.

A fundamental part of the culture and interest in sharing organizational values, the “Good Neighbor” program was developed across different socio-economic initiatives; seeking to give back to the Costa Rican society, especially to children and the environment, cooperating with the state by sharing sustainable development needs of these sectors.

Anything is possible; thanks to the commitment and responsibility level of the company’s over 2,000 employees, who understand their critical role within the group. An excellent team of highly experienced, professional people, enthusiastic but above all committed to “Competitiveness” and permanence in the market.

Our team shares great joy and pride to be part of Unicomer Group, especially the synergy we will achieve as part of a leading regional enterprise.

With the acquisition of Gollo, Unicomer strengthened its presence in Costa Rica, along with La Curacao, making us leaders in the retailing market of furniture, appliances and technology in Costa Rica.

Being part of Unicomer, we foresee a promising future in growth opportunities, greater brand positioning, increased sales, and more.

Undoubtedly, the exchange of experiences and teamwork will come to enrich the integration that has been managed.

Our phrase “Solo Bueno” has permeated in the heart of Costa Ricans, as they hear it, they not only immediately identify with the brand Gollo, but also attribute to it strong company values and their best shopping experiences. Today we can only say that we share our “Solo Bueno” with our Unicomer family.

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  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
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  • Stores
  • San José
  • 51,100 km2
  • 4,301,712
  • Costa Rican Colón (CRC)
  • Spanish
  • I Gollo: 131
  • I La Curacao: 20
  • I Gollo Óptica: 7
  • I Servitotal: 6
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