Message from the General Manager

Raúl Chehade | Ecuador

In November 2011 an avant-garde group came to Ecuador to stimulate the market, within their decisions they acquired Artefacta marking their first venture South America.

As a part of Unicomer Group, Artefacta has gained many benefits; the long-term vision, financial support, knowledge of the retail business, synergy with brotherly countries and the highest level of negotiation with suppliers, are just some of these.

On its 26th year, Artefacta has become a leader in the appliance retail market of Ecuador. We currently have 154 stores and we plan to continue to grow with Artefacta and our second store chain Baratodo, which is taking its first steps toward brand building.

Unicomer Group decided to trust the same management team that held Artefacta to meet new challenges, now that we are part of Unicomer Group have a commitment to remain the best option for our customers and maintain our high credibility towards them. We will achieve this by holding on to the value that holds Unicomer Group’s key success, teamwork.

  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
  • Language:
  • Stores:
  • Quito
  • 256,370 km2
  • 14,483,499
  • American Dollar (USD)
  • Spanish
  • I Artefacta: 138
  • I Baratodo: 12
  • I TropiMotors: 11
  • I Servitotal: 3
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