El Salvador

Message from the General Manager

Patrick Zarzar | El Salvador

There is no doubt that today; Unicomer El Salvador has grown to become the market leader in home appliances. As a company that has conquered the Salvadoran market through generations, it is not uncommon to find families that inherit from their grandparents the tradition to continue shopping for appliances in the different chains that belong to Unicomer El Salvador.

This success has not been achieved overnight. It has been a constant struggle, day by day, through the years of understanding the needs of our customers, their aspirations and desires that has kept us in their top of mind. The support of our shareholders to bring credit to all levels of our population so they can access products that would otherwise be inaccessible to them has helped us to grow our customer base.

But not only by having the best products and the best financial plans have our customers led us where we are today. We would be nowhere, if Unicomer in El Salvador didn’t have the best employees that a company can have. Within Unicomer in El Salvador, we strive to hire the best associates, with a strong focus on customer service, who daily come to their stores with a smile on their faces and always giving their best effort. Our customer focus and teamwork are pillars that daily help us continue to position ourselves as the best company in the retail industry in El Salvador.

To this date in El Salvador have four store chains that reach out to different levels of the Salvadoran market: La Curacao, Almacenes Tropigas, Radio Shack and Opticas La Curacao. To which various market studies indicate that every day we continue to grow in market share, consumer preference and maintain a high top of mind for consumers. Both by brand and as well as their characters: Facilito and Tropikong.

Certainly, for me, as for the whole team who make Unicomer El Salvador, it is a great honor to be part of such a prestigious company and will continue to strive to keep Unicomer El Salvador as the leader in the appliance market in El Salvador.

  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
  • Language:
  • Stores:
  • San Salvador
  • 21,041 km2
  • 6,094,899
  • American Dollar (USD)
  • Spanish
  • I La Curacao: 37
  • I Almacenes Tropigas: 41
  • I Opticas La Curacao: 12
  • I Radio Shack: 14
  • I TropiMotors: 3
  • I Servitotal: 3
  • I Loco Luis: 2
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