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Message from the General Manager

Félix José Simán | USA

Unicomer USA was founded over 10 years ago to serve our Central American, South American and Caribbean communities by offering the ability to send through our network of over 900 stores across 21 countries products such as furniture, appliances and electronics in an easy and affordable way. With presence in Texas and New York, Unicomer has been able to extend these services to already over twenty thousand customers and we look forward to continue expanding in order to better serve our customers tomorrow.

Being part of a family of over 14,000 strong in 21 countries facilitates tremendous leverage of resources, collaboration, and innovation. This is a young family that started 15 years ago with an energetic spirit that has allowed for the organization to flourish while embedding the values of integrity, customer service, and teamwork.

At Unicomer we believe that we don’t sell to the customer, but build relationships. It’s this relationship with our customer that has allowed for us to build and strengthen the bond between them and our brands.

Collaboration is one of the most important values within the organization. It is working selflessly around the common goal to satisfy all stakeholders, most importantly our customers.

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  • Washington D.C.
  • 9,826,675 km2
  • 308,745,538
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  • English
  • I Unicomer: 2
  • I Courts: 2
  • I Facilito Cash: 1
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