Message from the General Manager 

Juan José Girón| Guatemala

It is undeniable that nowadays, Unicomer Guatemala has become the market leader in home appliances in the country. Consolidating a story that began back in 1931, when a CETECO Holland executive visited Central America and opened the first export office on the Atlantic coast of Guatemala.

A little over 31 years later, with the constant concern to know the needs of our customers, their aspirations and their desires; that we have managed to keep our coustumers’ preference. Led by the constant drive of our shareholders, we have been characterized by taking credit opportunities to all segments of our population, so they can access products that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Currently, Unicomer Guatemala has a variety of store chains: La Curacao, Almacenes Tropigas, the RadioShack franchise, La Curacao Optics, Loco Luis and Barrebodegas. This diversity of store chains, supported by our emblematic characters: Facilito and TropiKong, has allowed us to become the company with the greatest commercial presence in the mind of the consumer in Guatemala.

But in Unicomer Guatemala we know that having the best products and the best forms of credit would not be enough if we did not have the best group of associates that a company could ask for. Unicomer Guatemala has first-class staff, with a great focus on customer service, and who come to stores every day with a smile on their faces and giving their best. They are: the focus on our customers and  teamwork the fundamental pillars that day after day help us to continue positioning ourselves as the best company in our field in Guatemala.

Without a doubt, for me, as for all the team that make up Unicomer Guatemala, it is a great pride to be part of this prestigious company and, we will continue to strive to keep Unicomer Guatemala as the leading company in the Guatemalan appliance market.

  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
  • Language:
  • Stores:
  • Guatemala City
  • 108,889 km2
  • 14,713,763
  • Quetzal (GTQ)
  • Spanish
  • I La Curacao: 64
  • I Almacenes Tropigas: 32
  • I Opticas La Curacao: 13
  • I Radio Shack: 15
  • I La Curacao Cash: 14
  • I Servitotal: 4
  • I Loco Luis: 2
  • I TropiMotors: 2
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