Message from the General Manager 

Edwin Oliva| Guatemala

The company’s history begins in 1931 when an executive from CETECO Holland visited Central America and began representing the export office in the Atlantic coast of Guatemala. In 1947, the business is given a new approach retailing appliances, and opening its first stores under the trade name “La Curacao”. The first stores were small shops of about 100 square meters in dimensions. In 1960, Compañia Comercial Curacao de Guatemala SA was established. In the 70’s the iconic character FACILITO was introduced as a symbol of fast and easy credit loans. In the 90’s, CETECO acquired the Almacenes Tropigas chain stores, currently achieving 55 years of successful participation in the market, aimed at addressing the popular segment, expanding the target market of the organization.

At the turn of the new century, we became part of Unicomer Group allowing us new opportunities in the region. With the solid foundations of Unicomer Group, we have accelerated our growth and development by opening new stores. Our company is characterized by being dynamic, providing value to our customers, being an important source of work for many Guatemalan families and our focused support for the communities where we operate.

Currently Unicomer Guatemala is comprised by La Curacao, Almacenes Tropigas, Radio Shack, Opticas La Curacao, and Loco Luis, making us the group with the greatest presence in the Guatemalan consumer’s mind, totaling over half a century of business history based on the effort and commitment of each of the employees who make up “The Great Unicomer Family in Guatemala”.

Being part of Unicomer Group has been an important step towards globalization, as we have become a profitable multinational corporation with ample opportunities for growth, not only in Guatemala, but throughout the region. As a result, we obtained significant achievements in our relationship with our suppliers, which have become strategic business partners, providing results in higher benefits and guarantees for our clients.

Belonging to a high performance team as Unicomer Group, all our employees enjoy many benefits that result in a better quality of life for themselves and their families. We fulfill dreams and meet needs, not only for our customers, but also for each of the people who provide their daily efforts as a part of this company.

Our brands offer our customers the opportunity to improve their quality of life and meet their needs through high quality products with the ease of credit available, providing confidence, support and a range of added values that make us a better choice for purchase. We have served over three generations, allowing us to be recognized by our customers as a reliable, safe and attractive company that brings comfort to Guatemalan households.

Teamwork is one of the key factors in the success of our organization. We work with people committed to their daily work and are aware of their personal impact on the work of others and especially the results for the company. We have clear goals and targets that allow us to unify efforts to achieve them. We are all important in the development of Unicomer Group and so we recognize and value all individual efforts that have led to our organizational success and consequently on welfare for each of our associates and our families.

  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
  • Language:
  • Stores:
  • Guatemala City
  • 108,889 km2
  • 14,713,763
  • Quetzal (GTQ)
  • Spanish
  • I La Curacao: 64
  • I Almacenes Tropigas: 32
  • I Opticas La Curacao: 13
  • I Radio Shack: 15
  • I La Curacao Cash: 14
  • I Servitotal: 4
  • I Loco Luis: 2
  • I TropiMotors: 2
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