Message from the General Manager

Leonel Rodríguez  | Nicaragua

It is impossible to speak of Unicomer in Nicaragua without bringing to mind almost 50 years of commercial and business experience with La Curacao, and more recently with Almacenes Tropigas. The commercial history of Nicaragua is impregnated by the footprint of our store chains characterized by innovation, joy, commitment to the community, growth and a solid moral foundation through the years which always formed the backbone of this institution. After being acquired by Unicomer Group, our store chains strengthened their convictions and principles, consolidating a company with profound moral values , social conscience, humanity and admired commercial and business vision.

Within our company, or Unicomer family as we call it, we find clear evidence of an entrepreneurial family. Our store chains La Curacao, Almacenes Tropigas, Radio Shack, Opticas La Curacao and Loco Luis , all have unique characteristics and different charismas, attending particular market segments and needs, but all united by the principle of giving first class service and make our customers live a unique shopping experience, where the product is only part of the value that we deliver every day. We are privileged with the opportunity to serve.

Over 1450 passionate associates work in various positions with the sole aim of creating a memorable shopping experience that invites the generation of a long-term relationship between our store chains and the people looking for a  product or service that meets their needs . Year after year Unicomer’s growth becomes palpable as we increase sales points, update existing stores, introduce new products and services to the portfolio of options we provide to our customers, but especially in the ever growing acceptance by the general public; since our market studies reveal that every year our chains are strengthening their market positions, brand recognition and becoming the leading purchase options in the segments in which they participate.

There is still a long way to go, in a market that in recent years has shown positive growth trends, and has become increasingly attractive to new competitors with the introduction of new products according to the needs of consumers that are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. Unicomer Nicaragua, a company with a rich history of success, a dynamic present, a promising and challenging future continues to  be built as a team, with great pride, a sense of belonging and commitment to serve, each of which live with the support of our colleagues across the region, as one company.

  • Capital:
  • Area:
  • Population:
  • Currency:
  • Language:
  • Stores:
  • Managua
  • 129,494 km2
  • 5,465,100
  • Córdoba (NIO)
  • Spanish
  • I La Curacao: 42
  • I Almacenes Tropigas: 44
  • I Opticas La Curacao: 10
  • I Radio Shack: 15
  • I TropiMotors: 2
  • I AKT: 1
  • I Loco Luis: 1
  • I Servitotal: 5
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