Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility from Grupo Unicomer on Vimeo.

Corporate Social Responsibility is essential in Unicomer Group; it is the company´s commitment to the sustainable development of the communities served by the Group.

Unicomer Group, through various programs, both internal and external, has benefited thousands of children, youth and adults to meet its commitment to contribute to sustainable development in the countries where it operates. The company has implemented different practices and projects that are expected to gain strength in the future, and is aware that the Social Responsibility strategy will change depending on the demand for different audiences.

Our Commitment

To improve the quality of life of the families in the communities in which the company operates through programs that target social, economic and environmental development.

Our Priorities

  • Promote the welfare and development of our employees
  • To benefit the communities we serve through education, health and community development
  • To promote the reuse of recyclable materials and the care of the Environment
Unicomer Group