Community Development

In order to promote a healthy coexistence, Unicomer Group has made significant donations to the construction and / or improvement of orphanages, rehabilitation centers, homes and poor rural communities.DCescuela

It has also made important contributions for the purchase of medicine or machinery needed to care for patients with serious diseases and have no funds.

In case of natural disasters the Group has donated food and mattresses and has supported institutions like the Red Cross and Salvation Army in their efforts to provide relief to victims of natural disasters.

The company actively promotes the participation of its employees in various volunteer activities in order to promote solidarity and commitment with the communities.

  • Investments in Infrastructure:

Mustard Seed Communities, Jamaica

Improvements in infrastructure of low income urban communities & health treatment for young adults and babies afflicted with HIV / AIDS.

Hogar de Huérfanos Zacarías Guerra, Nicaragua

Construction of a building where homeless children are provided with housing, nutrition, integral education, clothing and medical assistance among others.

Hogares Crea, El Salvador

Construction of a rehabilitation center where young adults receive integral treatment that enables them to overcome addiction and reintegrate into society.

  • Shared Smiles

A program that was created in 2012 with the aim to include our suppliers to work with communities. Organizations working for the welfare of the people who are most vulnerable are identified, and donations of furniture or appliances are made to ensure a better quality of life for beneficiaries. Unicomer Group has worked with various children’s homes and organizations such as SOS Villages and TECHO.

  • Biggest hearts

Is a donation program that supports non government institutions to meet their objectives through product or cash donations. Unicomer Groups works repeatedly with Telethon for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities, and with different organizations working with children with cancer, HIV and Down syndrome.

Unicomer Group and FESA announce a partnership that promotes academic training and sports

Unicomer Group and FESA announce a partnership that promotes academic training and sports

Unicomer Group and FESA announced a new strategic partnership to contribute to the academic and human values training for athletes of the organization and to promote healthy recreation among the Group's employees. For more than 17 years in El Salvador, the group that operates in 24 countries from El Salvador, reaffirmed its commitment toLeer más


Building a better society is the responsibility of all those in it, through actions that impact positively in all the aspects that help reach a sustainable development. This is why at the Unicomer Group we have placed priority on helping to develop the general well-being and development of the communitiesLeer más
Unicomer Group works for the welfare of communities in El Salvador

Unicomer Group works for the welfare of communities in El Salvador

Building a society with equal opportunities for all, it is the task of those who shape it through active participation that translates into actions that benefit most vulnerable and in need of public support. It is for this reason that Unicomer Group joins the fight against addictions with the constructionLeer más
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