In order to encourage the reutilization of recyclable materials and the importance of caring for the environment, Unicomer Group has developed awareness campaigns; carried out reforestation and recycling activities. Also offering a wide range of eco friendly products in its stores.

  • The Planet is your home, care for it

La Curacao has an environmental initiative that consists on recovery of electrical and electronic waste, reforestation drives, school tutoring on recycling, in store tree donations, use of biodegradable bags among other activities to contribute to the preservation of the environment and human health.ambiente

  • Gollo Recycles in Costa Rica

It is a program that began on March 2012 in order to reduce the environmental impact of the business by recycling electronic products. In all stores, electrical and electronic waste is received and are then dismantled in the country and exported by an authorized recycler for adequate manipulation. In 3 years, 180,000 kilograms of waste have been recycled.

  • Blue Flag, Costa Rica

Efficient and rational use of water, decrease in the consumption of electricity and fuels, environmental prevention and promotion allowed Unicomer Group, through its store chain Gollo, to become the first company in the commercial sector to win the Blue Flag Ecological recognition in the climate change category. The measures implemented in the headquarters and distribution centers permitted substantial annual savings. This recognition is homologous to an international certification that guarantees and confirms the environmental commitment of the company, Gollo being the only retail to achieve it.

  • Efficient Products in Costa Rica

This program is developed in partnership with the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, which provides awareness workshops and training for our associates to teach them to properly read energy labels, in order to promote eco friendly products within our stores to help protect the environment and our resources.

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