Unicomer Group contributes to education as the basis for development of the countries in which it operates through several programs:

  • Bright Future: Extracurricular Clubs Program implemented in selected schools in order to:robotica

– Contribute to the diversification and quality of education.
– Extend hours of daily student learning.
– Creating and maintaining a positive school environment.
– Promote the direct action of committed volunteers.

Each school has a robotics club, tutoring through the use of tablets, science and leadership. All clubs are based on volunteer trainers from within the company or their relatives and friends who volunteer their time for the benefit of young people. This program is carried out in partnership with Glasswing International.

  • Granting of school and university scholarships to underprivileged youth with high performance and support for various programs that improve the quality of education both academically and morally.
  • School equipment donations with computer centers to help close the technology gap in young people who have no access to technology.
  • Donation of desks, appliances and / or restoration of schools with active participation of its employees as volunteers aiming to improve the infrastructure of schools that lack the necessary adjustments for learning.
  • Delivery of solar lamps for children who are studying but don’t have electricity at home to help improve academic performance and prevent health problems derived from kerosene lamps.Imagen7
  • Edufácil, is an extracurricular program where kids learn computer skills. The program consists in hiring teachers and kids can receive computer classes in Unicomer Paraguay offices after normal school classes.




Unicomer Group and its commitment to the Bright Future of new generations

Unicomer Group and its commitment to the Bright Future of new generations

San Salvador, April 2017. For the third consecutive year, Unicomer Group joins efforts with Glasswing International to develop the Bright Future program in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. And for the second consecutive year we have been working in partnership with FUNPRES to enrich the educational and psychological aspects inLeer más
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